If you find that one of your leads, who registered with your affiliate link or affiliate funnel, is not displayed in your leads, then please submit a support ticket for our specialists to look into your inquiry.

Possible causes:

Reason #1 - 1. The user registered on another device or browser. Ex: if they viewed the link on a smartphone, and later attempted to sign-up on a desktop device.

Reason #2 - The user already had an account under another sponsor.

Reason #3 - In order for our affiliate system to work, when a user visits a sponsored link (an affiliate link, affiliate funnel or magic funnel), they will receive a cookie that is linked to a specific sponsor.
Some of our affiliates may choose to promote their links via social media and search engines. So it may be possible your potential lead used another affiliate’s link.

As per our company policy, we do not allow users to change sponsors. However we may change sponsors if the user is under Builderall, as long as the account holder contacts us directly.

If you need one of our specialists to look into your inquiry, please click on the button below to submit a support ticket.​​​​​​​